What's the best alternative to Aseprite on the iPad?

I have tried Procreate, Pixkai and this new thing from China called “Resprite” which looks a LOT like Aseprite, but with some functions filed off

I am so used to using Aseprite, that I have a hard time figuring out how to use the other apps, especially since I have a hard time finding specific videos on all the functions…and I ironically get more carpel tunnel from using the pen than when I am using my laptop

I had the same question, but, currently, I don’t see anything similar to Aseprite in iPad.

If you have more carpel tunnel using the pen, why do you keep looking for an Aseprite option in iPad?

I like being somewhat mobile, bringing my laptop around’s too much extra weight and takes too much space, and I’ve yet to find a proper bag that’s more convenient than my current one

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It’s also because I find trying to learn procreate much easier compared to krita

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Yep, I have tried to learn to use Krita, but I found this application ugly and confusing (my personal opinion).

I still have a hard time with trying to use the “pen”…also I can’t draw anything remotely round till now, it’s why I like Pixel Art, can draw round without proper strokes