When I copy from Krita and paste in Aseprite, the resulting image is displaced to the left

I tried copying an 1080x1920 image from Krita to Aseprite (with the same canvas size), and the pasted image in Aseprite was always displaced 3 pixels to the left.

If I make an intermediate pass, copying from Krita and pasting it to Photoshop (it works fine) and copying from Photoshop to Aseprite, it works fine, but itโ€™s quite bothersome :frowning:

I am using Windows 10, Aseprite 1.2.32-x64 ans Krita 4.3.0.

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The issue showed up for me as well, when I tried it.

I saw a wrap around x by three pixels, but also a 1 pixel gap in the top right corner. I tried a regular paste and pasting to a new sprite under Edit > Paste Special.

Krita v5.0.2, Aseprite v1.3-beta11-x64, Windows 10

Edit: There have been issues with copy and paste from Krita in the past,

but they related to alpha channel. (The issue is blamed on Windows.)