When is aseprite scheduled to appear on the IOS version?

If aseprote has an IOS version, I would like to buy an IPAD.

@getout There is already a bigger thread opened to discuss this, check it if you have time: :slight_smile:

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The is no ETA for the iOS version, the plans are:

  • Release Aseprite v1.2.10 + v1.3-beta1
  • And then start working on Aseprite iOS seriously (the iOS version is already working, but it doesn’t make sense with the current interface + touch screens, so the UX is so bad that I don’t want to release something that could affect the vision of the desktop version)

How well does the desktop version work on a surface pro, touch related?

Without keyboard, the experience is far from perfect, you can use the pen and finger gestures, it’s usable but I would prefer something a lot better (e.g. on screen controls, etc.).

The idea is that some of the extensions that iOS will have should be available in touch-like devices like the Surface.

try pixel studio app

I am a UX designer that focuses on mobile platform and would be happy to provide any consulting for this project if you need any help