iOS / Android version


I need to have this on my Ipad. From a visual/interface point of view it is very possible and very easy and I would love to be able to use Asperite without having to connect a third party such as duet or easycanvas (windows user).
Please find attached an interpretation of Asperite on the Ipad Pro 10.5 with 2224 × 1688 px resolution


Hi @Extra_Sugar, I’m working on a iOS port at the moment. But it so much work that it will take some time. Basically several UI elements must be re-designed because the current UI is meant to be used with a mouse/stylus and left/right-click available.


Android is on the roadmap too? Would be great!


Hi @dacap, so it took me a few days but I came up with a solution for the right-click problem.
My idea is to have a separat button that changes the function of the tool used, the same way the right-click does. So what I’m trying to explain is that you would use the tools with their normal function (left click) and when you activate the “reverse button” all the tools change to the right-click function.

This is the only idea that came to me so far, I will keep thinking about it and try to help. I trully want this program to have an iOS/ android version. I consider that it would benefit both sides, the consumer and the developers as the program would recieve a greater audiance and the consumers would have the acces to such a great tool.

I will be very grateful to recieve any updates on future development of the iOS/Android version and it would be my pleasure to help or come up with ideas to solve any issues that stop the progression.

P.s. I made a mockup image to help visualise my idea. The design was created to resemble the right-click and the possition seemed more comfortable than anywhere else.


Swipe right and left for frame by frame animation. you could also use swipe up and down for brush size, that would help.


I’m also highly looking forward to an iOS version so I can work on the go with ease on my iPad Pro.


I’m just starting out coding (finally). Using freecodecamp, github, codepen and anything I come across that I can grasp. I would love to help get this to work on my iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. Again, I’m a total noob, I just got to the Responsive Web Design Projects - Build a Tribute Page assignment on freecodecamp. What do I need to know/be able to do to help in any way?


Will there need to be an additional purchase to obtain the mobile versions or will it be included in the original bundle?


At the moment not too much, when the version is ready, I’ll try to find some beta tester before the first release. About its source code, the mobile version will not be released like the desktop version.

The mobile version will be an additional purchase from the App Store, it will not be included in the original bundle.


Hi there. Just signed up to ask when is the ETA of iOS version? Thinking of getting an iPad just for working in Aseprite on the go. :grinning: