Where do you get steam key

I bought aseprite on aseprite website, and I want to update it but I don’t know how to update it so I did some research on google and it seems like steam can automatically update aseprite. So I’m trying to get aseprite on steam, but I don’t wanna spend money again. I found out that if I buy aseprite on aseprite website it gives me steam key too. But where do you receive steam key? Email? Or somewhere else?

Sorry if this is a dumb question but I really need it

Would you mind sending me a screenshot of those files? I downloaded it on steam so i don’t know what you get if you buy it from the website

Why do you need screenshot of files? There is no need to uncover private information here like links or private keys. I think @dacap can answer Troopy’s question.

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For nothing, i simply thought it would be easier for me to understand where the steam key is since i usually like to organize and mess around with files, but yeah i also think it’s better to ask @dacap
(and i couldn’t get any private information from a screenshot of the folder if there was only Aseprite in it)

The Steam key isn’t included with the program files, it’s there on whatever service you use to buy Aseprite. The actual delivery method varies with the service you used. For example, if you buy through Humble, it should be in your Humble library.

Ahhhhh I thought it was some kind of txt file that you get when you download everything, that’s why asked for a screen, thank you for telling me.

Hi @Troopy, contact us at support@aseprite.org from the email address that you’ve used in the purchase process and we can send you the download link :+1: