Where the shadow it's better?

Where the shadow it’s better in these pics?


Neither. Why it’s somehow not tightly connected to right bottom corner while being hard shadow? Top side of shadow is also strangely connected. Did you learn what falling shadows are?

As for shadow line quality I like left one more than right one.

Because of 2x2 banding on right edge of right one.

how do you think i should do it?

should i use a 45 angle line for shadows here?

Nope, what are failing shadows? (thanks for helping me)

No, angles of lines are OK, there are problems on where they start and end.

ooooh i think i got what you mean

You learn it. Try Google.

Ok, thank you for the feedback


Is it better like this?

Or like this?

If top box is on top of other two boxes then its shadow should fall twice as long as shadow of lower box. In case it’s isometric, of course )

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