Why can't I take take screenshots on Aseprite? (Windows)

I’ve already heard that David has already released a fix to make screenshots, but whenever I used my screenshot key (which is Key Pad +, mainly because I’m on a laptop that doesn’t support F12.) it doesn’t work? Can anyone help me? Same thing with Shift + Tab.

If you’re on Windows 10 you can press the Windows Keys + Shift + S which will launch the Windows snipping tool so you can select a screen region, the image data should be in your clipboard after that for pasting to wherever.
I haven’t looked into it too much (I’m mostly a mac user) but I you can probably edit some of the settings to save to your desktop or something by default instead.

If you want a more robust solution for taking screenshots, check out ShareX, a free utility that allows you to set up workflows that launch when you press a hotkey combo, you can just set your workflow to capture whatever window you select and then it can do an absurd number of things with the image, including automating uploading it to imgur and putting the image link in your clipboard for sharing etc.

lightshot is good too