Why does drawing circles work as it does?

Hi there,

When drawing a circle, I would expect the starting point to be anchored, so that I have at least some control over the placement. Why does the starting point float along in the direction that the circle is drawn?

I noticed this behavior in pretty much all drawing tools that I know, so I guess there’s some great use for it that I’m overlooking?


You can observe this behavior because the default way of drawing a circle (or more precisely - an ellipse) actually creates a rectangle selection inside which a circle/ellipse is drawn.

As a side note, you can also draw circles/ellipses (but not only) in an alternate mode where the starting point is the center by holding the CTRL button while holding the mouse button.

Oh wow, that actually makes sense, and seems do-able for placement. I guess I always focused on the circle ellipse itself and ignored the rectangle or its placement.

Especially that last option, of being able to start at the center while holding CTRL sounds like something I can absolutely use.

Thanks for the explanation!

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