Why export does not allow overwriting files?

Hi, I’m trying to export a single frame as a png.
I want to overwrite an existing file with png extension but the warning appears:


I do not understand what the reason for this is, why can not I rewrite the existing file using “export”?
Why do I have to use “save as” ?.
If I use “save as” all frames will be exported in png, since “save as” does not let you choose the frame to export, and I only want to export one frame.

Hola, estoy intentando exportar un unico frame como png.
Quiero sobreescribir un archivo ya existente con extension png pero me aparece el aviso de la imagen anterior.

No entiendo cual es la razón de esto, ¿por qué no puedo soreescribir el archivo existente usando “export”?.
¿Porqué tengo que usar “save as”?.
Si uso “save as” se exportaran todos los frames en png, ya que “save as” no te deja elegir el frame a exportar, y yo sólo quiero exportar un frame.

This error message was added to avoid overwriting the original file when you want to export the file. (We were contacted by users that lost their work overwriting their files in this way using the File > Export dialog.)

We know that it’s an inconvenient message and it could be improved (and even more in these cases where we want to export just one frame/layer). Yet the confirmation should be quite explicit (maybe a checkbox in the same File > Export dialog with a warning icon that must be checked to overwrite the original file).

Would it be possible to make it a warning box with the option to overwrite anyway? I prefer to keep warnings active to help avoid mistakes, but I also often need to export to the same file. Deleting the previous file would be a lot more hassle than clicking an “Overwrite” button.