Why is my background color (the color of the right-click) getting over the foreground color, and when I export the image it appears on my drawing?

I really don’t understand this. Let’s say that I open a new file with transparent background, and I select a color on the color palette. It shows (in the left bottom corner) that the foreground color is blue, and background color is red (they are both not transparent - alpha 100%, they are very distinctive, I can easily tell the difference).

When I draw with the left-click, it draws with blue, and when I check the color (on the pixels that I colored) with the eyedropper tool (ctrl + i) it shows that the foreground of the pixel is blue, and that the background color is red.

When I right-click, it draws the red background color over the blue foreground colori, and when I use the ctrl + i eyedropper, it shows that both the foreground and background colors are red.

When I use the eyedropper on an empty transparent pixel (that I have never colored), it shows that the foreground color is transparent (RGB 000, and alpha 0), and that the background color is the red one.

So, I have a question because I don’t understand how this thing works:
If I press the right-click, does the program set the foreground color of the pixel to the current background color? Does the background color really appear behind the foreground color, or is it just another color that you can set, so you don’t have to switch colors in the palette when drawing with two colors?

I am new to aseprite, RGBA, layers etc, so please explain this to me, because I just can’t understand what is the purpose of the background color.

Thank you for reading and helping me :pray: :pray: :pray: I know that my post is really long…

hi there!
the background colour is kind of just a name. think about it like a second colour to use. bg and fg colours are not related. you can either switch between them with X key or you can use left and right click to paint with them as you need.
if the background colour is mask, then right click will have same effect as using eraser. some people like it that way, some people prefer right click to always erase and some want completely different behaviour.
you can change it in preferences here:

also by default alt + left click will pick foreground colour and alt + right click will pick background colour.


Wow! this is the first time I hear such a detailed and understandable explanation! Now I understand that the background color is an interesting feature and not a headache as I thought it was. I have asked this question on Reddit and other media, your answer is the first one that allowed me to understand this feature. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCHHHHHHH! I appreciate your effort so much! I wish you the best!

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