why is there no support for the Amiga's IFF ?

it is not normal for a pixel art program to have no support for the Amiga IFF!

Hi @DarkN3mo, are you refering to the ILBM format? ILBM - Wikipedia

This is the first time we receive a request about this format, as you can imagine it’s not quite popular nowadays. If there are more users interested we can add something in the future.

yes :slight_smile:


no, this is not the first request, other times we have asked for this support. Imagine all the same that for a software dedicated to the pixel, art, not to support the Master Amiga which is THE MACHINE of the pixel art, it is all the same strange not?

Indeed, looks like this was requested some years ago: Support for LBM/IFF/ANIM files · Issue #1258 · aseprite/aseprite · GitHub

I guess it’s more that it’s been requested by so few people that even dacap forgot. While there is still a pixel art scene on the Amiga, it’s small and doesn’t have a lot of cross over with the rest of the pixel art world. So, while it’s “the machine” to people still dealing with it, it’s a largely forgotten relic to everyone else.

I think it’s perfectly understandable why it hasn’t been added yet. I think it should be added, but I don’t think acting so demanding and bewildered that it hasn’t been is helpful xP

Aseprite is mostly developed by two people, and they have a large to-do list of bug fixes and features that are more commonly requested, so the quickest way to get a more niche feature is to do at least some of the work yourself. Linking a relevant existing parser such as libilbm may help. If you’re a programmer yourself, perhaps you could contribute an Aseprite wrapper for libilbm, or a C++ port of this library with just the parts that Aseprite would need.


Thanks @eishiya to find that issue. My bad, it looks like it was requested before, but so few times that I forgot about this file format. Already supporting FLIC is an eccentricity. Anyway it would be nice to support this Amiga format (I’ve never used it), some PR is welcome even more if there are already well known libraries to read/write this file format.

no need flic, just IFF

I second the request for native support for Amiga IFF (ILBM). It would really fill a gap that’s missing for us game devs and pixel artists that use Amiga. Cheers :smile:

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yeess ! i neeeeedd ! PLEASE !!!

I hope to create pixelart in Aseprite to use it in Amiga games. But the developers don’t seem to be inclined to add this feature. Why this is a mystery, because pixel art was not invented on PC, but on retro machines, and what could be more beautiful than those of Amiga!

Hello. no news for an Amiga support ?

Hello, add my wish for LBM support as well. :sunglasses: