Why isn't my art looking like "pixel art"?

When I make my drawings in Aseprite, they’re cool in all, lots of great options, all that stuff, however…

Everyone is seeming to draw in pixels? How can I do that? Any help would be nice, thanks!

(Picture below is one of my drawings made in Aseprite, it isn’t pixel-y though…)

Hi, welcome.

You seem to be working on a much larger resolution than traditional pixel art. I have no idea what is the original resolution for your sprite, what brush size you used, etc. but to give you a reference, the original Mario sprites were like 16x16 pixels. In your drawing, even at 25% the current size, the eyes on that character look to be like 3 or 4 pixels big, which makes it more of a “high res” illustration rather than pixel art.

And it’s not just about drawing without smooth antialiased lines, it’s about placing each pixel with care. I’d recommend you switched to a much smaller canvas and try drawing there. The pixel art you see posted online is usually scaled up (in whole increments, like 200%, 300%, 400% and not 150%, or 225% which would break the aesthetic). Also watch some videos on pixel art fundamentals, there’s lots of popular channels, but this would be a good starting point: Pixel Art Class - What is Pixel Art? - YouTube

Thanks! Pixel art is a new thing for me. I love the idea of art. Even if my art is crappy.

EDIT: I have figured it out thanks to a YT video about Aseprite! Thanks for the help! I’m reaaaly happy with this app now.

Pixelart is as concept very similar to mosaic art: the user auto limits itself in resolution and number of colors used to transmit his art message. (the only difference is that were the mosaic tiles can have various forms, the pixels are all square and with the same dimension).
Paradoxally, this auto limitation brings very often to a much more stylish and effective art communication, since the artist is forced to think very carefully at each pixel, and as Lux TK said just above:

In my experience, I can really say that: placing a single pixel (think at the glance of an eye) a single position left or right, or giving it a slightly brighter or darker color, might change very significantly the final message of the artistic opera you are realizing.

I wouldn’t say that pixel art is to hard to get into.

I got zero art skill.
And just useing a color palette and some references.
You can quickly see how stuff changes the overall view of something.

Add that yellowish brown in the corners. Bam the whole thing is now a lighter color. And the one without yellowish brown stripes, look dark in comparision. Even if 80% of the colors used is the same.

I woudl suggest https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC08QfQDLAd9D7aYPFgBUIng

He made me decide to get Aesprite for my hobby game dev stuff.
And he got alot of interesting begginer and advanced tuturials. One can follow along.