Wich files can I delete after compiling aseprite

I decided to build aseprite on Linux and Windows, however, the folders of both are 1 gb (on windows) and almost 3 gb (taking the deps folder into account) on linux. I have no plans to update neither of those versions. Wich folders can I delete, in order to save some space?

I will also buy aseprite soon, and I dont know how to get completely rid of this compiled version once that happens. What do I delete? what do I uninstall? (first tell me how to keep a working build, then how to get rid of everything) Thanks!

Save everything in the bin folder (where the aseprite.exe is, and all subfolders), you can remove everything else including visual studio and all dependencies and whatever else you installed. Aseprite runs without them, they are only needed to build it.