Windows Title Bar

Hello, I’m using windows surface and with it small screen comes necessity to manage workspace, so title bars like in Github Desktop (which is too snappy and lightweight app like Aseprite!) really helps. Just want to make you aware that there is need for stuff like that.
Also white color of titlebar with dark theme both in Aseprite and windows looks out of place hah. I know that its mostly a windows problem and even big projects like Unity do not implement stuff like(although Godot have dark titlebar because Godot is better :sweat_smile:) but maybe there is some ways that can be done without sacrificing overall speed of your app(i use Aseprite as default Image Viewer because it that fast!)

hi, lucius. what i usually do when working on a tablet is hit f11, so the app goes into fullscreen. no compromises, just aseprite on my screen. ;]
also, you can change the colour of that title bar to something else in windows settings. although in case of aseprite the titlebar seems to switch back to light colour when the window loses focus…
(btw godot ftw!)