[WIP] Biker Bar....without Bikes, also Top Down

Very empty, admittedly and yeah i don’t know how to properly do trees

That said any advice? First top down I’ve done in awhile

The table chair, is something I am particularly confused on how to draw

I like the concept and ideas you put into this! Some parts look flat where they overlap. One thing I might do is add a character for size comparison. Adding ambient occlusion could improve it by creating shadows in those areas. However, it may not work as well without a directional light source. Overall the trees look pretty good, the trunks on the lower two could use the same level of refinement(maybe not the width, whereas absolutely that type of shape is better).

Not confident in attempting to draw characters till now

Also, not sure what you mean by Ambient Occlusion, but will look it up

What do you mean by refinement?

My comment on refinement is partly about how you can see the light bouncing off the roots here.

Here though you can’t tell the roots apart; it is just a twisty block.

Also, you don’t necessarily need a detailed character but, if you do end up making a game or art piece you want to feel consistent then it would be good to have an outline or silhouette of a character.

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I’ll see about it