[WIP] Side-View City Skyline

One thing I’m not sure on is how I’ll deal with the new light source in the middle

As well as how I would do the water reflection

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Cloudy Night Buildings anim
There are 6 main steps I would say in making this kind of image

1, making shapes and color palette
2. making a background
3. moving those shapes around to make new layers of depth(and adding sides to them if you want a more 3D effect)
4. Add more color to the scene, maybe even more than I do here.
5. Lighting is important for building design. Outlines on corners can enhance features. Blurring is challenging with low-resolution art, but there are methods like cross-hatching, displacement, or anti-aliasing.
6. I added a multiply and color dodge layer with a gradient to deepen the piece. For more intricate details, consider adding wildlife or otherworldly elements to the buildings and surroundings.

Cloudy Night Buildings v6-export

Yeah, TBH mine is too random, but I understand your method

Question, one thing that gives me trouble is the color palette

How do you make a good one in advance?

Especially with different colors as well that match?

I’ve been skipping out because I decided to just use the blur tool to get something close to it instead

Made something with a palette…I unnecessarily confused myself on things…and have stopped…but does it look like it can work?

When creating a color palette, try squinting or using the preview tab to ensure that none of the colors blend and become indistinguishable or blurry. Looking at the sky and structures, the detail is flat and somewhat uniform.

The buildings look great in terms of their structure, nonetheless to enhance their appearance the next step would be to add detailed lighting and shadows. An easy way to add lighting and shadows would be to use layers so you can change it easier later, however, this method is optional. You can also add more round elements such as clouds or less straight a divider between the sky colors. Once again it looks pretty good and anything I say at this point is just things you could do to go to the next level.

Thanks, though I’m not sure why but I have a hard time continuing…maybe it’s because it’s all too random even in my head

I drew with barely a real plan and I think I did something wrong with the windows(?)’ coloring

I think I will get back to this one later on