[WIP] Sideview Roofs

Anyone know how to do roofs? I am only able to figure out SLYNYRD’s sort of roof but it doesn’t look to account for roofs of different shapes

Medieval Flathouse

I am using this pic as a reference



I’m kinda stuck with this, in part because it’s the small details such as the roofs, I can’t find proper references or art pieces to imitate

05 3:4 Side-View House

05 3:4 Side-View House

05 3:4 Side-View House

Do I just go with whatever I feel works?

I think what you’re really looking for is something like 3/4 view, or Isometric styles.

If it’s the latter, I highly recommend reading this article which breaks down everything you need to know, and it’s specific to pixel art.

If that’s not what you meant, my apologies!

I am not sure if they are the same thing, that said, thanks, I think I’m getting too stuck on 3/4

Pixel art is so much more complicated than the uninitiated realize. There are basic rules to follow, some mathematics to help with certain things, but in the end, there’s a lot of exceptions to rules.

If you haven’t taken any traditional art classes, learn about Vanishing Points and Perspective Projections. Then, figure out the quirks of how that applies to pixel art, which is both a matter of research and more than anything, practice.

There’s a reason I am the guy posting scripts for this software, and not sharing art. I’m HORRIBLE at it. Nevertheless, I love it, and I hope something I’ve posted will give you some direction.

You’re going to get it with enough repetition, that I can promise. It might take days of erasing single pixels and adding them back, but if you want it done, you can get it done. Anyone can make great pixel art, given infinite time and patience. The same can’t be said for traditional art. So, you’re going to get it sooner or later, really!

Okay, sorry, part of my problem is I can’t really begin repetition part because somehow, I can’t really find exact vids/lessons for well…everything

Parts of the instructions skip over stuff or don’t really account for things like different roof appearances or different surfaces…so I’m not sure how a beef or strawberry texture would look like because I can only find beef and strawberry pixel items, but not the textures

And, well I get stuck over the same thing for long periods of time with zero extra understanding

I can’t find any other 3/4 side-view lessons, just a generalized isometric

Sorry, no offense, I kinda like the 3/4 side-view because it looks smoother and simpler…closest I can think of for something like Hyper Light Drifter’s art style

Any idea how I imitate a roof like this?

Particularly the “middle part” that’s in the blue circles?


I want to replicate the “even-ness” of this stuff

But I can’t figure out how

Also, any idea how to show “physical depth” properly? Particularly in objects/buildings with “holes” like this?

I am kinda confused regarding this, still

My dude, the more you look at the building the more you should realize that the depth comes from two things, 1. The curved or lined perspective, and 2. The lighting of the windows, shadows, etc… I would suggest adding more variation to the windows and maybe the lighting, if the windows are yellow because they are glowing I would add some shading inside the corners where the light goes through plus some glow outside of it making it brighter the closer to the source it gets.

Thing is, I’m somehow still bad at actually making things like say, new windows and yellow was more of a temporary idea

Also, yeah, I guess a more Isometric view instead of just a 3/4th view would do it

Would making it larger help give enough space so I can show there being a space beneath?

I’m still stuck at the 3/4th side view and not sure how to apply it to everything

Also, currently trying to replicate what you drew

It’s harder than it looks

51 Tree

Then again, yeah, not big enough

Where do you want to put your focus? You could try to replicate a large sprite but unless that is really what you want it might be better to go for simplicity similar to what you had before (which I thought looked pretty good honestly). it is just a bit flatter to create non-isometric drawings but the more creative limitations that you use can give you more area to play with. One thing that might be a good idea to experiment with is to make an Entire scene from a reference similar to the slanted Chinese/Japanese-style house.

TBH, I prefer simpler and I am okay with flatter, like Top-Down and Side-View

Isometric is both relatively hard and somehow almost ugly for me

05 3:4 Side-View House

I kinda learn by imitation, think this looks okay?

I like it! The next step would be to put together some buildings and make a more finished art piece, with more buildings.

Thanks, though, gonna take me awhile

I have a problem due to having sort of pulled a vein? A muscle? During my weight lifting…it’s still purple and swollen, never happened before, but I stopped quick when i felt something pop

So might only really resume later, I am already thinking of something to sorta be next to it…though likely very out of place somehow

Not sure what could go with that building, but I managed to sorta make something else…though even it makes no sense with itself

05 3:4 Side-View House

I like it! it looks like It needs more details and a color palette but other than that. (Mwah) :kissing: :pinched_fingers:

TBH, I’m a really on and off guy, hard to get into the mood of even practicing, feel like I have too much weight on me…yeah I really need to work out and sweat it all out

I’m getting a handle of the shapes bit by bit, found examples online, thing is, sites like craftpix.net and creativemarket.com and shutterstock.com kinda make it hard to find specifics, even when I type pixel buildings…tend to get something else or not what I am looking for