[WIP] Spaceship, trying out animation

Any idea on how I can redraw this quickly without breaking it off too much? Hard redrawing everything in detail

I am following SLYNYRD’s tutorial for this

As you can see it breaks too much, that’s why I find it hard



If you’re looking for ways to reduce the number of drawings required for an animation, then follow these steps. Firstly, ensure that the engine flames are placed on a separate layer where they are changed every frame to make the engine flame. Next, create two more frames using the same technique as shown in the tutorial but with the wings progressively vertically offset, these will be the right-turning frames. Once you have done that, flip the frames and adjust the lighting to create the left-turning animation, while keeping the shadows in mind to ensure that the lighting looks realistic.

Thanks, funnily I did it your way before you responded, still took me awhile just to make the first two shifts to the right before copy pasting and reversing on the left, but had a migraine-headache for most of the afternoon and evening, so only responded now