[WIP] Top Down Buildings

Okay, I’m back, let’s just say I want to avoid getting addicted to social media and I can’t figure out how to make the PixelJoint and PixilArt sites work, can’t upload pics properly

Here’s my attempts at Top Down Art, I need advice to properly combine buildings both by combining things like vertical with horizontal and stacking buildings ontop of one another

Preferably without the use of outlines



i cant help too much, but firts think about what the building will be used for, make sure they fit in a grid, and that each oart fits in a single tile, and if you desire to do without outline, them make it with a small palette, no outline often doest work the best without color

I am using 4 colors, also, kinda doing that tile bit, but some parts are purposely stretched to 2 tiles

they are greyscale, that doest work too well doing without outlines, pick two color that have hue, and them if you need go back to grayscale if you are using for a game or something, but makig with color with hues/croma will help get a better grip when doing without outline

also dont forget that to think about the purpose of those building, nothing exists without a purpose, that will help you develop these building, also, look for references, be it at real life, or in game sprites, you can search trhought spritesheets in some sites out there.

Sorry for the late reply

Okay, I’ll try

Honestly, that’s a weird problem I got, my ideas on what to draw are either too generalized, hard to visualize or just involve copying other people’s work as exactly as possible

So all I gotta do is replace with brighter and more vibrant colors?

Hard to come up with buildings even with simple purposes, and I think I keep on working on the wrong scale and the like

If I do use outlines though, how do I still make due with a limited color palette?

I know this’ still greyscale

But I need a way to show that this is further behind the back, preferably whilst still being limited to four colors

Actually, not sure how much darker or brighter the “one on the back” or right must be

if you wanna one to fell like its on the back, the easiest way is to dial back the values back, and then replace the darkes color of the current portion with a lighter one, if you can understand what i said.