[WIP] Top Down:Combi-Building

One thing I still don’t understand is how to combine buildings or make buildings that are combinations

Any advice?

The lower half is what confuses me


I noticed a potential issue with this state of the building(though with this minimal amount of detail, it isn’t a large issue) - while you can view both sides of the roof, you can’t see both sides of the structure. To achieve a convincing illusion of depth, using top-down sprites with slight shadows should suffice. However, it may be beneficial to draw each building separately on different layers to ensure the correct amount of detail is present and the illusion is effective.

Also, I notice you don’t have a reference for top-down RPG buildings here which would be the main thing you are trying to do right?

Yeah, tbh I’m stuck on only SLYNYRD’s very basics till now for some reason


Literally stuck on it, I am still not sure on other roofs even with examples

And I kinda want to advance to something like this

(Pedro Medeiros)-65 Top Down Houses

But somehow it looks and feels like there’s too many steps lost or I am doing things wrong when it comes to initial steps

Refer back to my slight critique of your triangle rooftop but I think that the bottom left l shape if you removed the bottom left elbow piece would look like what you are going for before adding windows right? You can also use the line tools on another layer to play with angles and curves. So with that information, you should be good to experiment.

If it feels too small, maybe it needs more tiles(or area), it isn’t terrible where it’s at and if you play with it enough I’m sure you can get something closer to these references. Good luck!

I’ll work on things later, gonna be on the road for awhile and come back kinda winded…also gonna play Octopath Traveler II some more

Not sure how they do 2.5D pixel art exactly

Pretty sure they use a combination of 3D modeling and 2D pixel art techniques for texturing, along with various editing tricks applied in specific areas.

Actually need some advice

I was only able to do so relatively well with my prior pictures because they’re relatively small and I found cartoon versions of them to imitate.

I can’t do the same with buildings, because until now I can’t find buildings in a proper RPG or top down perspective to imitate online that aren’t already pixel art. I’m not so good with using isometric buildings as reference either

Don’t have easy enough references to imitate and while I know the fundamentals, it just doesn’t match unless I have easy references

How did you practice top down? I can’t exactly draw from imagination for some reason

If you find yourself struggling to come up with ideas even after completing the top-down perspective houses tutorial, I recommend writing down your desired outcome as a solution. This will help stimulate your imagination and provide clarity on what you want to achieve.

Another tip is to use other sprites (such as a world, player, or grass) to use for size reference. One example is using the player to make the door bigger than that. The current design you have doesn’t lend well to large detailed doors or detailing so that’s a thing to keep in mind.

I still suggest using references even if just for learning to size things or how to use color inside an object. I watched a lot of tutorials and practiced along to learn how to create top-down sprites, it starts to become closer to drawing when you reach that step and you have to problem-solve to get everything seamless. There is a lot to learn so you have to have the final say but if it gets too daunting that is when experimentation and doing your own thing can come in handy


Though, any idea where I can find Top Down RPGs that aren’t Pixel Art as reference?

I think I’ll try imitating some Pixel Art Top Down RPGs before I try making stuff based off non-pixels

Anyway, been real help dude