[WIP] Top-Down Houses Based-Off SLYNYRD

I am bad with lighting/shading, I am not sure how it should work with these different types of roofs and the houses beneath them

I tried basing off these things


Any idea how to properly do the lighting? To account for roof shape and building shape? Including the ones wherein parts of the building are “in the back”?

Hi there !
I believe you have some problems about lighting objects. Your light source position must be stationary. Do not pick the complicated light source for your art work if you are beginner. You must understand objects leave shadow and put shadow the right place in your art. It is also important to pick right colors as in example.
The other thing is, roof has a thickness. You must give a shape to the roof. Also missing the shadow of roof on walls. If you are working These tips should make your artwork better. You should care the rule of orthographic. Some angles will be problem for you in your art.

Thanks, I’m trying from the Top Right for the light source, and I admit I am not so good with lighting

I think my shapes are too complicated for the roof too

Know a cheat guide to deal with potentially any shape? Can’t find good enough references

The best answer is geometry and mathematic knowledge. You must check the architecture projects. Top views are explaining the geometry of the house designs. You must measure the distance, size etc. and create the art instead of placing lines and heights etc. randomly.

I modified left part for you. Brick lines are too long. If right part is darker, left part must be lighter. White line need to have thickness for understanding the form of it. Roof shadow must be in different color. You may need to define outline with darker color to show your house front.

Thanks, though this isn’t mine, just pics I am trying to learn from as an example

Harder to study how the lighting works and can apply to my stuff