[WIP] Volcano Land Top Down Tileset

Making this tileset based off this one, that’s not a pixel tileset

Currently stuck on one problem, I’ve never made mountains or cliffs before, so how do I make this “tile”?


It’s blurred, so harder to see the finer details

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İf you are talking about how to make cliffs , mountains tile set. There is a way i prepare for you.

1- First of all you must prepare one sketch like the image. Make sure you are making seamless the tile. You must leave top and bottom part more like shaped rock.


2- Add shadow, highlight , color to your tile. Leave the part bottom and top side. After you apply all your details it should look like that.

3-Select the tile you want to use. I used the tile that you refer in the comment. Later I select the tile and pressed ctrl+b. Later i select empty area with wand tool and make sure that it selected outline of the cliff. press b and apply the pattern on the selected area. You would have this view in the picture.

You can create any mountain like that way. If you are asking to make path , then you should change the saturation little bit darker color of the tile you refer.

Thanks, I wasn’t sure why I had such a hard time with this, I guess it was because I was thinking on how I was to do the darker parts

Question, about the top, specifically the sides


How do I show that their sides are connecting with the cliffside itself or their own cliffs?

Are you asking this part ? Can you show me or explain me better ?

Yes, these parts included

Embarassing, but I get fixated on those simple edges, can’t find a specific tutorial on square rock walls

I am not sure how to remake this in pixel form

İ suggest you to how to make pixel art seamless tilemap videos.

Already do, no offense, that Aseprite has the functions to do so combined with the “latest beta”, kinda makes it easier

I guess I should just try imitating a pixel tileset rather than jumping to figuring out how to turn a non-pixel tileset into a pixel one

I for one, just keep overcomplicating, not figuring out the proportions(?) for imitation and such