Witch Boss -- Cauldron/Potion Animations

Hey there! I’ve been working on finishing and polishing one of the boss characters from our game. This is the Snake Witch, who curses castle guards to turn them into the Vipers that hunt you all game long. She lives in a hut hidden in the Swamp Maze, and you have to make it past all of her Guardian Vipers and potion-tossing shenanigans to defeat her. Here are some of her animations. Let me know what you think!

Fire Potion – WIP
(guys I’m really bad at fire, like seriously halp how do I do the fire more goodly and betterer :skull_and_crossbones:)

Snake Potion

Poison Potion

Idle Stirring

Potion Throw Attack (and miss)

Teleport to different Cauldron / Reappear


very detailed and fluid, I can even feel her wanting to kill me)

For the fire I would suggest making it closer to the snake potion, it needs to either swirl or branch out, fading away afterward. Another suggestion is figuring out where the brightest part of your fire would be (either the very inside or outside the usually)

I can feel the joy in this character.