Women Warrior Try

Hi guys. This is my new artwork. I realy need critisim to improve my art.


I like the color choices

Please scale the image when posting it online. It is difficult to view the art when it is so small on the screen.

I can already tell that having more defined shadows would help your art. If you want some basic tools this is one good starting point for pixel art:

After watching this video, I suggest searching for tutorials by this artist or others you enjoy.

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Hello there. Sorry for not scaling before posting. I know how to scale, but I posted this late at night and I was about to fall asleep. Also, I’ve watched lots of Adam’s videos. I just wanted to try something without looking at any references. Here’s a scaled version of my warrior woman.

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Hi. I drew a new one. Hope you guys will like.

I like your work and appreciate the simplicity of the shading on the skirt in the second image. Does your character have a name?

If you would like some improvement tips I think your art could benefit from more defined shadows. What I mean by this is that both sprites don’t have ambient shadows which are shadows that form from something being close to another thing (For example: shadows from the shoulder armour being cast onto the shoulder in the opposite direction of the light source, or hair casting a shadow on your forehead and blocking the light.)
One additional thing is that I noticed the log in the second image does not share the same lighting direction as the character and doesn’t have the character’s shadow.

For additional tips, I noticed that the eyes, ears and other facial landmarks of your character, seem different between the two images. As one example I find the eyes to be placed differently when comparing the two images (the first image has a forehead and hair with bigger volume), and there aren’t any ears in the first image. In contrast, the second image could use a tiny amount of sideburns.

When you look at how a person would do these poses it looks a bit unnatural and it seems that the characters appear to be floating, which I believe is due to the imbalance of the poses. In other words, the chest and the pelvis look like they belong to two people. One solution could be to find a reference of somebody sharpening their sword or take a picture of yourself doing the same pose.

Hi. Thanks for reply. I am not gonna use this images as asset in
any game. I just made them for fun. Also 2. is kinda like v2 of first image. Also, your reccomends about shading is very useful. I will use them in future projects. These days ı am busy with school and homeworks. Because of that, ı cant reply you with a new version of my warrior women. But ı am replying you with referance pictures of my future artwork. I wanna combine this 2 pictures together

Additionaly, ı see you under all of my posts. I think you are realy helpful person. I’m kinda curious about you. I wanna chat with you if also you want to chat. Here is my and my friends discord server. We are making a game. I realy wanna show our game to you. HB2FT

Why does the Discord server look like this?

I gave you role. You should be able to see the messages now.

As I don’t know Turkish I would appreciate an @ or direct message if you ever decide to show me something. :slight_smile: