.XML Sprite Sheet Import Capabilities?

I’ve been into Friday Night Funkin’ lately and I’ve been wanting to turn the sprite sheets into an animation. The problem is that the animation frames aren’t all equally spaced, so I’ll have to manually find the location to export it. It would be great if you could export a sprite sheet from an .xml file.
Would also like it if you could export .pngs with tags, so it would be more organized.

You can already do all of this this, just with JSON rather than XML. When using the sprite sheet export feature, check the JSON Data box under Output.

That outputs .json data, I want to import .xml data with the image to get an animation. So for example there could be an “import animation” box in the import sprite sheet menu, and when checked you could select the file you want the animation data based on (along with the image of course). This would give you all the animation frames from the sprite sheet without you having to manually go to the coordinates and selecting it.

Find and use json2xml converter then.

Again, that’s outputing, not inputing

Ok, I see now. Your title and all descriptions are too confusing. Your first words were about Friday NIght Funkin’ and export and then about “not equally spaced”, then about export again. That’s not right. You should state your problem in first words to people to understand it clearly, then provide details. Title is also ambigous, stating .XML Sprite Sheet and hidhing Import as one of last words. “Add Import Sprite Sheet capability to take information from XML” would be much better.

You may write Lua script to load and apply offsets from XML.

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I don’t know how to write Lua

I also misunderstood your question as being about exporting due to your wording.

I think it’s a bit silly that Aseprite can’t import its own spritesheet exports, I feel it should at least get an import option for those…

However, if you specifically want to use XML, Lua’s the only way to go. It’s highly unlikely that Aseprite will add support for whatever specific XML sprite sheet format you want, there are too many and it makes more sense to use a converter instead. So, if you need this automation, you’ll have to learn some Lua (it’s a relatively simple language to learn!) or hire someone to write such a script for you. If Aseprite ever gets a feature to import its own JSON format, then you could instead use the language of your choice to make a converter between XML and Aseprite’s JSON format. Either way, you’re looking at doing some scripting.