Zero idea what I’m doing. (Animation)

I’m wanting to make a short pixel clip for my girlfriend. I’m wondering if anyone here actually does video animation with there sprites/animation, what video editing software do you use? Loving the software.

You can use just Aseprite to make animations if you want. But it only exports to .gif which only supports 265 colors, so no transparencies more or less.

I think vegas is on sale for $20 on humblebundle atm if you want to do something more advanced with sound. You can export your aseprite animation as a series of pngs using save as, then import them into vegas. Remember that you can set the frame rate in aseprite (frame -> constant frame rate) but youll have to set the speed yourself in the video editing software.

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Thank you so much for the quick reply. I will look into getting Vegas. Happy holidays!