Zoom Quality? (magnifying glass tool)

When I zoom out of Aseprite while working on my sprites the quality past 100% to lower percentages degrades REALLY bad, is there any chance there’s a setting to make the sprite not blur it’s lines when zooming out?

The major issue for me is the sprites I’m working with actually look much smaller in game than they do in Aseprite’s 100% setting, so it’d be nice to cut their size in half when working.

Check your preferences to see whether screen scaling is set to 200%. This scales everything, including your art, to 200% ratio of your monitor’s pixels. That sounds like it’s not what you want, so you can change it to 100%, and then change UI scaling to 200% to make up for it without affecting your art.

You will still see distortion when zooming the canvas below 100%, because it’s impossible to cleanly display pixel art in a smaller area of pixels than it was drawn in.


OMG that is awesome! And now there isn’t hardly any distortion when I zoom out either. (Or at least it’s too small to notice) THANK YOU for telling me that! This is 10 times better than the default options, and now I have a better idea of what I’m working with. Thanks again!

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