About the problem of slow aseprite


This article was written by a translator. sorry.

If you work for a long time, it feels a bit slow when drawing lines, but if you draw a circle quickly like a picture, the line will not come out as a curve but will be drawn angularly.

Turning off and on Aseprite doesn’t solve the problem, it needs to be rebooted to get it back to normal.

Does this problem affect other drawing programs? The fact that restarting Aseprite doesn’t help but restarting your OS does suggests the problem may lie outside of Aseprite.

Hi there! :wave: This same problem was reported before here, we are not yet sure what could be the cause (or if it’s something related to the tablet driver).

The only thing I can think of is trying different tablet options.

I have confirmed that Photoshop is also affected. Thank you :smiley:

I’m using an xp-pen tablet right now. Aseprite’s other tablet options don’t seem to be affected. I just updated the driver to the latest version. Let’s watch the progress. Thank you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I have an xp pen artist pro12, I had not realized this, was it solved with the latest version of the drivers?

Try disabling the tilt of the pencil … if you have that option

@Junpei Today we’ve released a new version of Aseprite, could you please check if this issue still persist?

I kinda solved this, it’s weird, but activated Windows Ink in Aseprite, but I disabled it on the actual driver

I dunno why this solved it : P