Add 16x16 mode in the color palette.

'm an old pixel art artist. This tool is easy to use. I have a suggestion to make it even easier to use.
Many older pixel art artists are accustomed to the old type of color palette display.
The palette display of aseprite is too flexible and the colors get lost.
Fixing the color palette display to 16x16 makes it easier for older pixel art artists to manage their colors.

what do you mean by that? can you draft a example?

I think they’re referring to a fixed width for the palette, which has previously been requested: Fixed Column Width Palette
Many older software display palettes in a 16x16 grid of up to 256 colours, and I suspect this is what they want to emulate.

If they’re referring to the size of the swatches, they can be adjusted in the palette Options, though there are only three size options, and their exact size depends on your screen scaling setting.