'Adjust Hue/Saturation' command does not work/show [v1.3-beta1]

It seems that in the latest beta branch the ‘Adjust Hue/Saturation’ command has stopped working completely. The dialog does not show, and you get locked out of using any tools or doing other commands, until you back out of the command, by using ESC.

This happens both when using Edit > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation... and custom set keybinds.

Other adjustments do seem to work however.

Hmm… works for me. Specify what sprite RGB/Indexed of what size and how many layers do you try to change with Hue/Saturation. Any selected regions?

My hunch says that the hue/saturation dialogue is opening outside of the monitor for some reason. Try going into edit > preferences > experimental and uncheck UI with multiple windows, restart Aseprite, and try again. After you can revert it and restart again and see if it works.

Seems you’re right. Upon reinstalling the Aseprite Beta branch (after I decided to revert back), it seems to all work as expected. Did some quick tests to see what might have caused it, but I can’t reproduce the issue anymore.

Guess I should have tested the issue a little more thoroughly. For now this issue can be closed.

Hi there :wave: there is an issue opening windows that are outside the limits of the available workarea (the issue can appear in certain cases when we send a window to other monitor and then we unplug the second monitor).

Today we’ve released Aseprite v1.3-beta2 which should fix this issue.

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