Aseprite v1.3-beta1

Today we are releasing the new Aseprite v1.3 which includes more than 3 years of work :brick: :world_map: :man_artist: You can get Aseprite from (remember that your purchase includes a Steam key, then you can switch to the beta channel to get this update)

Aseprite v1.3-beta1 new features:

Aseprite v1.3-beta2 fixes (June 4, 2021):

  • Use octree-based color quantization on all cases by default: now it support alpha channel too
  • Fixed pixel perfect mode in some cases in regular layers #2748
  • Fixed crash clicking combo-boxes at the bottom t/9254
  • Fixed theme issue with timeline configuration (bug report)
  • Fixed updating editor scroll after enabling the Tiled Mode
  • Fixed Adjust Hue, File > Export, etc windows that don’t appear in certain cases t/9327
  • Fixed white/black flash on Windows/macOS when showing a new native window
  • Fixed several bugs with some stylus (e.g. XP-Pen) on Windows where we weren’t able to move tabs, click buttons, etc.
  • Fixed bug on Windows with Snipping Tool (was sending the window back)
  • General performance improvement on all platforms (better response time & less battery usage)

Aseprite v1.3-beta3 fixes (June 7, 2021):

  • Use octree-based color quantization on GIF encoder
  • Fixed issues on Windows where the windows border where cropped t/9441
  • Lua: Fixed usage of Dialog.bounds with the new multiple windows UI t/9277 bug on Steam

Aseprite v1.3-beta4 changes (June 11, 2021):

  • New mouse/pen stabilizer #2371
  • Improved the ellipse algorithm #2217
  • Windows: Fixed leak of GDI objects for each closed window
  • Fixed crash using Cel Properties dialog in some cases
  • Fixed mouse cursor when the selection is visible

Aseprite v1.3-beta5 changes (July 12, 2021):

  • Regression saving certain GIF files when disposing frames #2806
  • Fixed pixel perfect in Manual mode on Tilemap layers #2741
  • Fixed big spot painted with full pression on first click after opening dynamics popup #2768

Aseprite v1.3-beta6 changes (August 24, 2021):

  • Fixed tooltips being clipped by popup edges #2764
  • Fixed moving Preview window with stylus/pen #2882 #2783
  • Fixed last row of pixels in sprite editor which isn’t updated after changing frames #2803
  • Save/restore file selector position #2756
  • Fixed crash switching from a tilemap to a regular layer in tile mode & the preview window opened #2854
  • Revert zoom tool behavior when dragging mouse in diagonal #2767 Steam post

Available in the beta branch from Steam and all distribution channels.


Can it be?!


Praise be! I’ve literally been procrastinating so many projects for so long because I knew I would just hate working on them without the Tilemap palette. Brilliant work. You guys are incredible. Thanks so much!!


Super cool! I’m starting to test all the goodies =)

Some todos:

  1. Selected tiles on Tilemap layers should be transformable (rotatable/sizeable/skewable) just like normal bitmaps. In fact they are now, but not with mouse, but only with text fields and ending results are odd — it duplicates edge tiles which could be helpful in some cases and not helpful in other cases.

  2. Eyedropper tool on Tilemap layers in Tiles palette mode is not too friendly when tiles has transparent pixels. When I click on transparent pixel it selects Empty tile instead of correct tile or anything behind tile as could be suggested.

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I feel it was huge ^ __ ^

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Is this good enough to do commercial works? I mean, no bugs.

Hi @Isitpossible, it’s useful for commercial work but there are bugs and crashes yet (the data recovery feature should work), but I would recommend you to save your work often and in the cloud (e.g. in a Dropbox folder).

At the moment in Tiles mode (image), the selection can be resized as a 3x3 rectangle (it works like a 9-slices area in some way). The only way to transform tiles correctly with rotation/skew at the moment is (or should be) in Auto mode (
image ).

Same feeling here :cry: it was changed as it is when editing big tiles (and multiple tilemaps) for the Move tool mainly, but I think it makes more sense to pick the tile even in transparent colors when you have only one tilemap layer.

I think Eyedropper should pick the tile even in transparent pixels and the Move tool should pick the layer correctly ignoring transparent pixels of tiles :thinking:

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Congrats! are there changes in the Scripting API? :slight_smile:

Is it possible to save the tileset made through tilemap layers?

I’ve been looking for this feature (as mentioned by @Switch_Z ) too. I’d love to be able to save my named tilesets the same way I can save palettes to their own files.

I’m sure there are lots of ideas and plans in the works, but without extensive knowledge of what all of those might be, here are some feedback suggestions that spring to mind after my first day using it.

I imagine the tileset name given in this dropdown box…
…should be displayed in a similar dropdown box directly above the tiles palette. Then you could switch tilesets very easily. It could have its own version of this flyout menu…
… So you could freely save, load, access, and switch between existing tilesets in any project.

I’ve made a mockup here. The first 2 are minor UI variations of the above ideas (the first with connected buttons, the second separated), and the 3rd version also moves the tile buttons down next to the tile palette, which isn’t a loss for space but does, in a way, make more sense (at the cost of some visual elegance). The third version also shows off the addition of a save/load menu.
tile improvement mockup

I’d love to know what you guys all think of these ideas.


1.3 first beta just release and people are alredy asking for more features, i see its pretty rough
also i tested the “create palette from current sprite” and the octree method is working wonders, 1413 colors without one missing, thought when i try to switch in advanced option to “default(choose best option)” it crashes
one last question thought, why octrees cannot store alpha indexes?
that was all, i wish good luck to the team there and try not to crunch


Awesome! Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks

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Indeed, a feature to be able to save a tileset would be great. Altough I suppose one could just put manually all the tiles on a layer then save it as a png, but it’s additional work.

There are some changes (mainly to handle tilemaps and tilesets), still undocumented (you can see an example here)

Not yet from the UI, we posponed all this to do the release ASAP, anyway there is a script available to export all the data (you can customize it to export only tilemaps/etc): GitHub - dacap/export-aseprite-file: Little Aseprite script to export the data inside a .aseprite

Anyway we are planning to add the export feature in future v1.3 releases.

That’s right. We preferred to release the version as it is (in the simplest form) and start hunting bugs now and get some feedback from the community. Thanks for the mockup (the list of tilesets at the moment is in the layer properties dialog, but it cannot be changed, also an idea we had is to list all tilesets in the sprite properties to re-order them, still something to think about the UI).

I think it’s possible to store alpha indexes, @Gasparoken was mainly involved in the octree implementation but we’ll see if it’s possible to store alpha values correctly in future releases.


I forgot to mention, there are plans to link .aseprite files together, for example, a .aseprite file should be able to reference a tileset from other .aseprite file (same with palettes).


also one thing that should be added here is the ability to create canvases by tiles, insted of creatinga canvases in pixel only.

for example lets say i want a canvas with 32 tiles wide and 16 tall, each tile being 16x16 in size, that would equate in a canvas 512 pixels wide and 256 pixels tall

insted of doing this bunch of math i think we should be able to input the size in tiles direcly like i want 32 tiles vertical 16 horizontal, ok.

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@Ethan_Buttazzi You can also type the size of your tiles and the number of them that you want and let Aseprite do the math for you :slight_smile:


this update is great! the skew transformation has been a lot of fun to mess around with. I’ve just been having one issue, how do you use the eyedropper on the desktop? am I missing a new button or something?