Aseprinte not exporting correctly with 1.3-rc1 ARM

I’m exported some animations based on tag and since up grading only the first frame gets exported. It worked correctly before upgrading (via steam). Is there a way to roll back on Steam?

Calling with

--batch "${FILE}" 

I reverted back to 1.2 and exporting works. I can’t remain on 1.2 due to the need of 1.3 features.

Hi @ron1987, I’ve just made available v1.3-beta21 on Steam. In Aseprite properties on Steam, you can select the v1.3-beta21 option:

I’ll take note about this bug and investigate a fix ASAP.

Just in case, giving a try to your CLI, I’m not sure if you want to save each frame as a different file (png file) + the json of the sprite sheet (but without saving the sprite sheet), or you want to save each tag as a different sprite sheet. E.g.

    aseprite \
      --batch "${FILE}" \
      --save-as "${GAME_ASSETS}/Images/GameSheet/${BASENAME}_{tag}_{frame1}.png" \
      --data "${GAME_ASSETS}/Animations/${BASENAME}.json"  \

Will save each frame in a different file (note that I’ve replaced the _1 with _{frame1}.

Thanks for the rollback.

I do want to save each frame and then I pack all the assets of the entire game into one big spritesheet and use the .json to drive my animation after it’s stripped down. Not sure I follow the different in using _1 and _(frame1}.

This will be fixed in the next rc2, about:

Some extra code was added to handle an incomplete filename formatting, in this case {ŧag}_1.png just specifies the that we want the tag name to be replaced, but keep the _1.png part intact, but now (in rc2 to be released) we can interpret that 1.png as a frame number (so the final filename format to be used will {tag}_{frame1}.png anyway).

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Ah, so I could have done {tag}_{frame1}.png to have rc1 work, but rc2 now is also backward compatible?


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That’s right! :+1: