Aseprite for iPad?

I have a MacBook Pro and an iPad Pro as I’m heavy in the game industry and they both work together for my artwork. I use sidecar to have aseprite show on my iPad so that I can’t draw with my Apple Pencil and it works beautifully. Yeah maybe so features like zooming in or out I’ll have to do on my computer since pinching to zoom in/out isn’t a feature. I was just wondering if/when a stand-alone app would come out for iPads? After all iPads will take over the Mac laptops one day anyway and they now have mouse support. I’d be happy to buy the app again on my iPad.



I was wondering how aseprite works with sidecar. Can you say a little more about it? I can’t find much information. I don’t actually have a Mac, but this actually one of the things I was wondering about.

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I’d to vary interested in Asprite for iPad

Looks like there are already plans to make an ipad version or there was in 2020 anyway

you’re better off trying to use Procreate or Pixel Studio. It’s not mentioned in the thread but the plan was that when Aseprite v1.3 was going to release, work on the iPad port would start. 4 years later, we’ve only now got the beta stages of v1.3 and who knows how much longer until work on the port starts. It’s just the sad reality but I’m not familiar with dacap’s daily routine and Aseprite seems just like a side project.

I have to say that day after day these kind of comments make me want to leave the software industry.


I don’t condemn or expect you to do more than you see necessary but the lack of updates and transparency, in respect to the topic, makes it a little hard to view it from a different perspective. At this point, your software is an industry standard and not being able to use it on other convenient devices, just feels counter intuitive. You keep working towards that and we’ll keep waiting for it :slight_smile: .

There is a difference between simply lacking the perspective, and stating your unfounded assumptions about someone and their work in a place where it will be seen by them.

You don’t need to have their perspective to exercise a little good faith. Of all the reasons you could pick for why something that takes a lot of hard work is not finished yet, you picked the most cynical and careless, and chose to share it with everybody.

Updates and transparency are not necessary here, this is everything you need to know:

  • Developing software is hard
  • Making updates to software with a live userbase is hard
  • Managing a community of your users in several places, covering all topics from bug reports to feature requests, is hard
  • Doing all of these things at once could not, under any stretch of the imagination or perspective, be considered a “side project”

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your work, thanks to you, I’ve found something I can be passionate about, and that’s something I needed and I didn’t even know I needed.

Your work changes people’s life’s and I’m sure that even if you decide to stop working on aseprite, this statement will remain true for a long time.

Thank you very much.