Aseprite for iPad?

I have a MacBook Pro and an iPad Pro as I’m heavy in the game industry and they both work together for my artwork. I use sidecar to have aseprite show on my iPad so that I can’t draw with my Apple Pencil and it works beautifully. Yeah maybe so features like zooming in or out I’ll have to do on my computer since pinching to zoom in/out isn’t a feature. I was just wondering if/when a stand-alone app would come out for iPads? After all iPads will take over the Mac laptops one day anyway and they now have mouse support. I’d be happy to buy the app again on my iPad.


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I was wondering how aseprite works with sidecar. Can you say a little more about it? I can’t find much information. I don’t actually have a Mac, but this actually one of the things I was wondering about.