Aseprite interface font?


This is probably a message straight for @dacap
And that is – what is that cool font you used in the Aseprite interface, did you create it? Is it available? Is it free?
Is it actually somewhere in the app’s files and usable in the Text tool and I am just too dumb to notice??

Thx&luv ya<3


Hi @Glitcher, the font actually was created by me. It’s distributed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License and you can find it here.

It’s a pity but actually you cannot use the font from the “Insert Text” command, something I’d like to fix in future versions.


Is there a way to install that font on Windows? Or to use it on Aseprite at least?


Not at the moment :sob: something I’ve to fix soon (I would like to add an easy way to convert sprite sheet fonts <-> TTF)


Did I understood correctly? Do you plan to add to Aseprite the possibility to convert “sprite sheet fonts” to and from “TTF”?? That would be a dream come true for me! :smiley:


Actually, I made a ttf of @dacap’s font that he made for Aseprite. I manually created his font using BitFont Maker’s website. Took me a while to copy the font pixel by pixel. If he doesn’t mind, I can share it with you or even get him to put it on his github :stuck_out_tongue:


i would very much appreciate it if you shared that ttf version, as long as dacap doesnt mind :slight_smile:


Oh, thank you very much @haloflooder, that would be great! :smiley:
I hope @dacap gives you permission so you can share it with us :smiley: