Aseprite v1.2.15

New version v1.2.14 v1.2.15 with several bug fixes, minor enhancements, and one feature to transform multiple cels at the same time:

How to update Aseprite?


Good job!.
But … I don’t understand the video of the feature to select and rotate / move etc … several frames.

You selected several frames and the layers of the character and the hat but at the time of moving them, only the character moved, the hat remained in its position although later, when you reproach the animation, the hat moved.
What happened?.

Buen trabajo!.
Pero… no entiendo el vídeo de la caracteristica de seleccionar y rotar/mover etc… varios frames.

Seleccionaste varios frames y las capas del personaje y del sombrero pero a la hora de moverlos, sólo se movió el personaje, el sombrero permanecio en su posición aunque después, cuando reprodces la a nimacion, el sombrero se desplazó.
¿Qué ocurrió?, ¿por qué el sombrero no se desplazó también con el personaje?.

Hi @SynthED :wave: At the moment the preview shows the active layer only (even when you have multiple-layers selected :cry: ) It will take some time to implement the preview for multiple-layers so instead of delaying the feature we’ve released this version (when the transformation is accepted/dropped, the transformation is applied to all selected layers/frames/cels).

But yes, it’s the most confusing thing of the feature at the moment (explained in an even more confusing tweet with a typo :upside_down_face: )


Hi, I thought it had been added (I read it somewhere, I’m not sure, maybe in some previous version) the option to select and convert the selection into a new sprite / file, but I don’t see that option anywhere, am I wrong and that option has not been added ?.

Hola, creía que se había añadido (lo leí en algún sitio, no estoy seguro, quizá en alguna versión anterior) la opción de seleccionar y convertir la selección en un nuevo sprite/archivo, pero no veo esa opción por ningún lado, ¿estoy equivocado y esa opción no se ha añadido?.

You can do this, just copy your selection and then go to Edit > Paste Special > Paste as New Sprite

Thank you! I had not seen the option.
Ok, but that doesn’t work with multiple frames selected.

That is, select a part of the graph, then select 3 animation frames.
Then you want to create a new sprite with those three selected frames and the selected region of those 3 frames.
Then a new sprite with 3 frames and the selection made in each frame should be created.
But the “Paste as New Sprite” option cannot be selected and the others cannot.

The option works only if you select an animation frame, if you select more than one then you cannot make use of “Paste as New Sprite”.

Ok, pero eso no funciona con multiples frames seleccionados.

Es decir, seleccionar una parte del grafico, después seleccionas 3 frames de animacion.
Entonces quieres crear un sprite nuevo con esos tres frames seleccionados y la región seleccionada de esos 3 frames.
Entonces debería crearse un sprite nuevo con 3 frames y la selección realizada en cada frame.
Pero la opción “Paste as New Sprite” no se puede seleccionar y las demás tampoco.

La opción funciona sólo si usted selecciona un marco de animación, si selecciona más de uno entonces no puede hacer uso de “Paste as New Sprite”.

Thanks for the continuous updates on Aseprite :grinning:

Small request, I usually use 2 monitors one with Aseprite and the other with unity and I would love it if you were able to allow the preview window to leave the actual application. If I could have the preview in the same window as unity without the hassle I would be able to edit the sprites before importing, saving a lot of time. Thanks anyway

Hi Rai, welcome to Aseprite community! :smiley:

The muti-screen support and movable elements is an already planned feature: Make all elements on screen dockable/movable/resizable · Issue #518 · aseprite/aseprite · GitHub

It seems that the feature could be implemented after doing some huge back-end changes:

So I fear that your request is not as small as you could think :wink: Anyway, the devs are working on it! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for keeping this app awesome

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