Aseprite v1.2.17

Today there is a new Aseprite version with important fixes :wrench: :

How to update Aseprite?


Nice work! :muscle:

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Thanks @KashouC :pray: I hope everything goes smooth with this one (too many internal changes, but I think everything should go fine)

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Any updates on the ios port? Would be amazing to have aseprite on Ipad.

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Where’s the download link? You didn’t include it or anything!

There’s a link to instructions on updating in the post. The process is different depending on how you obtained Aseprite, so a download link wouldn’t make sense.

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Hope to get suggested features soon.

I wonder how Apple’s Sidecar feature works with Aseprite

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Yay! congrats on the new release, David! :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

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Hello ! Thanks for this update :smile:
I don’t know if I’ve done something wrong updating though, now I have to run the app as Administrator to make it boot up, otherwise it just does nothing. Does anybody have an idea ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @reitog, actually you’re the second users that contact us about that issue (the need of admin to run Aseprite). It doesn’t look like a general problem of v1.2.17, but at least now we know 2 known cases.

You can try to run with the -debug argument and check what the output says, it creates a .txt file in the desktop. There is a chance of some problem creating a temporary file in the temporary directory of the user to store the cached news (a RSS file).

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Hi !
thanks for the quick answer :slight_smile:
My Aseprite isn’t associated with Steam though. Can I debug it with the regular windows installation?
Thank you !

Yes, you can can execute it with the --debug option from the command line.

If you never used the command line before, you can do the following:
Step 1) Click on Windows “Start”
Step 2) In the “Search” or “Run” line, type cmd (short for command), and press Enter. You’ll see then something like this:

Step 3) Now you have to navigate to the directory where you have Aseprite installed (probably “C:\Program Files\Aseprite”) using the Command Line. To do that you can type “cd C:\Program Files\Aseprite” on the command line and press enter. You can copy the directory path from the file explorer like this:

And then type on the Command Line “cd” and “right click > paste” the path you previously copied (if the path has spaces, put it between “”). Then push enter.
Step 3-B -alternative way-) You can also hold shift and right click on the Aseprite folder, and then choose “Open Command window here” if you use Windows 7 (or this if you use Windows 10)
Step 4) Type in the Command line: Aseprite --debug and push enter.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


I’m using aseprite with Duet occasionally. But a keyboard is necessary and it doesn’t work smoothly enough , though I don’t know if I should blame my sluggish internet connection, or the fact that I’m using windows, I heard it works better with mac.
Usually, to really work my projects on iPad I end up exporting my layers to png, making a photoshop file, and use pixaki, but it’s too hectic a process.

Hello ! Thank you so much for this answer! I can’t paste what the log says here because of the character limit. How can I do ?
( Sorry I’m not used to forums haha)

You could paste it to and share the link.

Here is the link :

Thank you very much for the tip :slight_smile:

Hi @reitlog! is that a successful run with the administrator or an unsuccesful with a regular user? Did the program show the main window and close it automatically?

OMG this… Double-click Drag has changed my life. I super needed this. Thank you so much.


Hi ! The main issue is that I can’t run it correctly as a regular user: a white blank window appears and the software closes right after every ime I try to start it up. I followed JJHaggar’s method to run the debug, and the log is on my previous entry. I hope I answered properly to your question. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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