Aseprite v1.2.27

Today we’ve released a new stable v1.2 version with several bug fixes. This is not the tilemap editor version :sob: but we are going to launch Aseprite v1.3 in the next weeks! :raised_hands:

Changes (v1.2.27):

  • Fixed Shift+Rectangular Marquee doesn’t start Square Aspect #2537
  • Fixed reference layers cannot be moved/resized t/8755
  • Fixed “Simple Crosshair” cursor when switching to Eraser tool

Changes (v1.2.26):

  • Added option to save palette presets easily (thanks to @mezz)
  • Fixed crash copying and pasting images from GameMaker 2 to Aseprite
  • Fixed problem with Error Console when the UI Screen Scaling is changed
  • Fixed painting with symmetry and dynamics #2584
  • Fixed duplicate sprite: now it duplicates slices #2564 (thanks to @sumibi-yakitori)
  • Now we can hold tool modifiers before start drawing #2537
  • Fixed some bugs pressing Ctrl+Z while we are dragging a cel with the Move tool t/8290
  • Fixed several bugs modifying non-selected cels t/8618
  • Fixed bugs modifying the timeline selection when it’s hidden
  • Fixed bug modifying hidden layers #2680
  • Clicking current cel with Move Tool will deselect the timeline t/8610
  • Fixed long standing bug where Marquee Rectangle, Lasso, etc. weren’t showing the selection feedback #1412 #1667 t/8462
  • Added option to disable the “open sequence of static files as an animation” dialog
  • Lua: Added Sprite.pixelRatio t/8627
  • Lua: Added app.fs.makeDirectory, app.fs.makeAllDirectories, useful for export-aseprite-file script
  • Lua: Added app.command.ImportSpriteSheet() t/8482

How to update Aseprite?


no betas just the 1.3 version?

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Actually the v1.3 will be released as v1.3-beta1. So both versions v1.2.26 (v1.2.27 soon) and v1.3-beta1 will be available together for a long time.


huh can you like give a estipulation for when v1.3 lauches? if no softwarebraking bugs happen of course.
but good to know a open beta is finally comking : )

Hey, does this version include the fixes from the Beta Branch i was given? If so i’ll update right away.

I would love to release it this month.

Yes, it does :+1:


Thx for keeping fixing and upgrading Aseprite! Found it recently, and it’s proven itself to be a great tool for assets;
Especially the tileset options are great~ Really look forward to the tilemap version!
Not sure if that’s the right place, but I am a mediocre artist usually using clip studio,
and some stuff aseprite has i miss in clip and vice versa.
F.ex. the “create new from clipboard option”.
A more frame-by-frame oriented timeline might be nice nice, like clip allowing you to repeat specific frames (instead of manually merging them) and batch specify them - on the same note, i prefer how it’s easier to add frames and tags in aseprite, and how automatically adds a copy of each layer for each animated frame, which clip doesn’t.
Is there any chance these can be considered for future updates? :smiley:

In case you didn’t know:

If you have image data in your clipboard, under the “Special” paste options you can paste as a new sprite. This can be done at any time, including immediately after starting up the program with no sprite opened. You can even assign a shortcut for it.



@deca I remember reading in a thread that once v1.3 was released, you guys would start working on the iOS port. Is that still the plan? Will we see more updates on the port in the near future?

I wanted to know, if you ever plan to add other languages ​​to the application?
like spanish for example

This is already available actually, just not bundled with the download.


thanks! but i have problems with the installation, I already installed it but the language does not change.

You have to change it in preferences → general → language

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Excuse me, but I purchased Aseprite through how would one get the update if this is the situation?


I am having the same issue.

@Gabe_Doss @MFDEV215 the beta version is available only through Steam at the moment, anyway your purchase from the website includes a Steam key (you can get it from your purchase link, contact us in case that you lost the link).

More info in this topic.

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I don’t think I have the steam key or maybe I can’t find it. what is the location of the steam key in the aseprite folder?

The Steam key is not in the Aseprite folder, it’ll be wherever you downloaded Aseprite from (Humble Bundle,, etc).

Contact us at from the email address you’ve used in the purchase process and we can send you your Steam key.

Can we expect palettes to be able to be separated with different names, any time soon?