Aseprite v1.2.30 and v1.3-beta7

Today we’re releasing Aseprite v1.2.30 and v1.3-beta7 with several bug fixing and new scripting capabilities for future extensions (WebSocket, events, experimental debugger) :gift:

We welcome Joshua Ogunyinka to the team who is helping us with Aseprite development since August fixing several issues for this release and who is working in future PSD support. We also thanks external contributors that help us to advance in unexpected areas (e.g. WebSockets) that will bring infinite new possibilities to create future Aseprite extensions.

Aseprite v1.2.30

  • Added support to save/load .pal files with alpha channel #2878
  • Fixed restoring grid preferences on undo/redo #2872
  • Continue playing the same tag in the Preview window after switching sprites #2797
  • Some fixes when sorting colors in color bar (thanks to @behreajj)
  • Jump between start & end colors when using [ and ] keys or Alt+mouse wheel instead of stopping at the start and at the end of the palette (thanks to @behreajj)
  • Fixed several issues related to pixels w/indexes out of the valid palette range #2934 #2928 #2912 #2842
  • Fixed opening .aseprite files from macOS Finder #2985
  • Lua: Added support to disable plugin commands (thanks to @lampysprites)
  • Lua: Added WebSocket API (thanks to @lampysprites: #2980 and #3009)
  • Lua: New API to listen some events as and
  • Lua: New experimental debugger for Lua scripts

Aseprite v1.3-beta7

  • Fixed using Alt+mouse wheel to scroll through tiles #2956
  • Fixed bug using Canvas Size with “Trim content outside the canvas” with Tilemap layers #2942
  • Fixed performance issue in some cases drawing in Tilemap in Auto mode #2877
  • Fixed saving blend mode for Tilemap layers in .aseprite files #2924
  • Fixed crash clicking combobox scrollbars #2984

Remember to check the Aseprite v1.3 announcement just in case you missed it, and how to update Aseprite if you need help.


Hey David @dacap
Just FYI, still have 2 bugs with 1.3 beta7 on OS High Sierra

  1. When I minimize Aseprite, I can’t open its window back again clicking on the Aseprite icon on Dock, if the preview window was previosly opened and active. Clicking on the icon only show the preview window but not the whole main interface window. The 1 and only way to back to work is close preview window and click Aseprite again, or right-click on Aseprite icon at Dock and selecet show all windows.

  2. Another bug I found working with custom brushes menu. It somehow linked to the UI w/multiply windwos. When this option is ON, the pop-up panel with custom brushes appears, but I guess it is much smaller then used to be. If this option in OFF, there is no way to choose a brush, but the size of the elements looks correct.

Hope, it could be fixed in future releases. Thanks for your work and support.

Have a great one,


Hi Den! I’ll take note about both issues. We have to squash all bugs related to v1.3-beta as next year we would like to finally release v1.3 as the stable version.


Thank you David, that’s a great news! :ok_hand:

This is incredible. Aseprite has grown wildly… I feel like screaming “It’s alive!!” … But, I won’t.

So awesome what can happen with several good minds working together. A beautiful project indeed. =] Thank you, team. Over 20 years of programming here and I’m still impressed.


Are you planning to make update 1.2.30 available on Steam?!! Is it possible to have all range of 1.2.X and 1.3.X versions to find most stable for the different machines? Thanks!

1.2.30 is already on Steam.

Since 1.3 is still in beta and available for testing purposes, it makes no sense to allow testers to use a different branch, since that would make that would make their feedback out of date and would leave fewer people to find regressions and issues in newer versions.

Within a given non-beta version, changes are usually not so great that stability should be impacted, which is probably why only a subset of the versions are available as branches, presumably the ones with the most significant changes.

The steam gave me only 1.2.29 for Mac. This specific version has low response of brush speed in my case (when you draw quickly it start to approximate curves into straight lines). I’ve faced this bug before on 1.2.X it was fixed pretty quick, but “empire strikes back”. My only hope was that it was fixed in 1.2.30.
As for 1.3 it has another issues which I’ve mentioned above. I work with Aseprite almost daily, and due to Steam automatic updates sometimes new version ruins my workflow. I prefer stability over functionality and will be happy to have possibility to roll back to previous versions. If it is not possible in Steam, is there a place with an archive of all relised versions? Don’t get me wrong, I appretiate all the work and passion you are puting into the product, I appretiate also that you are communicate with a community and listen our needs and wants. But on the other hand, more functions make a code more compex, and brings new bugs. I’m work with Aseprite from december 2018 and had no big issues before. I started found and report bugs in last releases only. I’m not against the future of the product but give me my durable, stable, and trusty AK-47 back. When I work part of me always awaits crash of the application, or a glitch, or a new bug. It goes bl**dy annoying.

P.S. Just FYI Rolled back to 1.2.25, hope it helps.

Hello I was wondering where I would download the latest version?

Hey, I guess it is here in the last sentence of the initial post: Aseprite - Faq

Hi @pakowacz, if you choose “None” in those options you will get v1.2.30 (the latest stable version).

About specific bugs, it would be better to create a specific posts with more details about it (instead of commenting here). If you need a specific previous version we can make it available on the list of betas on Steam.


Hey David,

Thanks, I’ve just found it right 10 minutes before your message :slight_smile: I’ve updated my elder machine to El Capitan and testing 1.2.30 right now. Works like a charm so far! Nevertheless my kindest thanks for the help. :pray:

…and please accept my apologize for posting message in the wrong theme of the forum :frowning:


Glad to hear that :raised_hands:


Hello, so i bought aseprite through some website, can’t remember what site it was, and i saw that it was getting updated but i never got them, then i realized that you had to get steam to get the updates normally, i have no idea to update it without that cause, so now I bought the steam version, and it still wont update, and fixes.

If you want the beta you need to activate the beta channel it in Steam.
Right click the Aseprite entry in the steam library and select “Properties”, then select “Betas” section, then “beta - v1.3” from the dropdown.

PSD support would fix my workflow immensely. Love to hear it!

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