Aseprite v1.2.9

New Aseprite v1.2.9 was just released! In these months we have been releasing
some beta versions and now this release includes all the changes from betas +
some extra features.

Also some other important news: Now we are a team @dacap + @Gasparoken! :tada:
Several bug fixes in this released are thanks to @Gasparoken. He will be working part-time fixing bugs on Aseprite and maybe in a future adding new features too :blush:

Here a list of the most important changes since v1.2.8:

  • Default mouse wheel behavior changes:
    • Ctrl+mouse wheel => changes brush size
    • Ctrl+Shift+mouse wheel => changes current animation frame
    • Updated the Quick Reference with these changes
  • Add mouse wheel customization for sprite editor (#970, #680, t/668)
  • Add possibility to write math expression in number textboxes (#1762)
  • Shift+Enter plays/stops the animation in the Preview window (#1774)
  • Timeline changes:
    • New UI to move frames inside or outside tags (#1656)
    • New way to select timeline frames/layers + color bar entries Shift+click (#1741)
    • Now the Timeline keeps the selected layers/frames/cels after undo/redo.
    • Alt+click to hide all layers (t/151)
  • New way to render the canvas when zoom < 100% (#1671)
  • Show duration of selected frames (#1528)
  • Added F key to fill the selection and S key to create a stroke. (Old โ€œAdvanced Modeโ€ keyboard is Ctrl+F now.)
  • Show selection edges again when itโ€™s hidden and we use Ctrl+A or Cmd+A (#1614)
  • Updated ARNE32 palette (#1635 thanks to @SagePtr)
  • Create intermediate directories when --save-as is used in the CLI (#1492)
  • Windows Surface/tablet-like devices: Draw with one finger, pan/scroll with two fingers (t/677)
  • Linux/X11: Added clipboard support. Now we can copy/paste text and images to/from other software like GIMP, Krita, etc. (#1100)
  • Fixed issue using moving layer content and the active selection with Move tool
  • Fixed several problems/crashes on macOS because a (possible) bug on the compiler or libc++ library
  • Fixed clickable pivot position on selection (#1608, t/1228)
  • Fixed several bugs t/1037, #1346 (thanks to @Vcoder89), t/1411, t/1649, #1466, #1711 (thanks to @DexterIV), #1727, #1749, #1756, #1719, #1726, #1737
  • Changes for translators in en.ini file

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