Attaching developer text notes to files

This is similar to the thread Suggestions: detailed file list & option Make Array, but I would like to see a way to add text notes to the .aseprite file to keep more detailed explanations for the art and animation. I realize this could be done in a separate .txt or word processing file, but it’s nice to just have everything in one place and easy to access.

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I think this suggestion is something incredibly useful for developing projects as part of a team.
I’d add to this that it’d be an even more useful tool were the notes to have a color-coding option, and especially if able to be tacked onto to parts of the UI such as palette swatches, regions of the workspace/grid, or layers/frames on the timeline.
Perhaps the notes could be similar to tooltips and only show up when hovered upon? Though this has room to be difficult to handle if there’s not a quick option (w/ a shortcut) in the view menu or toolbar to hide/disable them or opacity settings to see what’s behind them.
At the lowest end, highlighted/labeled regions would be good enough though. Honestly more organization tools in general would be a blessing.