Suggestions: detailed file list & option Make Array

Some suggestions:

• To have a detailed file list. There would be next to the visual information more textual file information, as one may have in file browsers and the like;

• a new option called Make Array (or some such thing); it might work by first making some form; then this form is selected; then the Make Array option is called upon, which gives options to set, after which the array is made.

Now that I’m at it, it would be nice to be inspired by CAD software here and there where suitable, especially AutoCAD-like software. I think I noticed something like Extrude already being developed. How about, e.g., a Trim option?


I like this suggestion, but I feel like it’s not really all that descriptive of what it’s suggesting.
Especially with the description of the “Make Array” option.

I feel like the “more detailed file list” is fairly straightforward. Being able to see more metadata, an option to see the full file extension, an option to see the full file path(I know that it exists, but it’s currently borked or mislabeled), perhaps more options to sort files, or an option to enable the OS’ default file browser rather than using the software’s, etc.

However, the “Make Array” idea is sorely lacking in information. Not just in the way that it’s composed, but in the context of its request. It’s looking for a feature built upon vector use and suggesting it through the context of software that uses a 3D environment.
Pixel art is almost exclusively raster. If vector layers were an option (a la Clip Studio Paint) it might be useful, but while the software has no such feature this doesn’t seem like a viable feature to suggest. An array with purely raster graphics seems like an incredibly limited tool.
In fact, an option for mapping art to vector planes might be useful within animation timelines. But at the moment, it seems to be an incredibly niche use, especially given this seems to be an (as of now) infeasible option.

Either way, at the very least, there is room to point out that the file information that we can see/change could be improved upon to a decent degree.