"auto select layer" cant pick the layer

Iam not sure if consider a bug or need to be a feature.
but I record gif to see the problem :

so basically if I select the “head” layer then I select anyone of the frame numbers and pick the Head on Canvas by auto select layer it will not pick and still remain to move all layers.
at least if I pick the body and pick the head again which is not a good thing.


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Yeah it’s not doing anything cause it sees you are already on head (you see it’s marked blue). I agree, it should probably deselect when trying to move to the current layer too.


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I’m thinking about this issue, and there are a couple of things:

  1. Just clicking the “head” should deselect the timeline selection keeping only the head selected (as you noticed)
  2. If we drag the “head” the selection shouldn’t be modified, but what happen if we start dragging the body. Right now the timeline selection disappears, shouldn’t be?

One thing is for sure: just clicking (without dragging) should pick/select that specific layer and deselect everything else. We’ll try to fix this bug ASAP.