Bugs when moving a selection across multiple frames

Loving Aseprite so far, but I’ve encountered two bugs when I’m trying to perform a move with the same selection across cels spanning multiple frames at once.

First, if the last cel you selected is a linked cel, the move is performed double the intended amount for that cel when you deselect. This doesn’t happen if the last cel you selected isn’t a linked cel. All other cels are moved the correct amount.

Second, try the following on a selection of cels spanning 4 frames:

  1. Select cels from frames 1-4 and move them a fixed amount.
  2. Select cels from frames 2-4 and move them the same amount.
  3. Select cels from frames 3-4 and move them the same amount.
  4. Click the cel in frame 4 (the rightmost of the two cels still selected from step 3) and move it the same amount.

Although these steps should produce linear motion across frames 1-4, you’ll find the offset from step 4 was applied to both frames 3 and 4 even though the timeline only showed the cel in frame 4 selected. This doesn’t happen if you instead click the cel in frame 3 during step 4, or if you modify the selection in some way between steps 3 and 4.

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Welcome @Dillik, I’m going to take this bug as it’s quite critical (trying to fix the latest things for v1.2.26)

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