Cannot paint a dot with contour tool doing a single click when pixel perfect mode is enabled

Hey, tried out the newest beta on steam. One thing that made revert back to the stable version was the fact that I couldn’t do single pixel with counter tool. I use that tool a lot and it made working very frustrating :P. Dunno if it was done by accident or not but it can surely break the workflow.

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Hi @Frax, are you talking about the Contour tool (D key)? I cannot reproduce it (I’m able to paint one pixel), or are you using the Magic Wand tool (Q key)?

Are you on v1.3-beta11? Windows, macOS, or Linux?

@dacap Hey, sorry for my non-extensive description. I am on Windows, I was using the newest beta available on steam, so I guess that’s v1.3-beta8. And yes, I was using contour tool and I was only able to paint one pixel by slightly dragging the mouse. Simple point and click without movement didn’t do anything.

@Frax actually the latest one is v1.3-beta11 and we’ve fixed some bug related to this in v1.3-beta8 / v1.2.32 (mainly to deselect when we do a simple click, but might be related to your issue).

Maybe related to Select Tool Persisting, Disallowing Other Tools

i can confirm in v1.3 beta10 that what frax is describing is there. if the option ‘pixel perfect’ is off, then you can make a dot with contour tool by single click, but if it’s on, you have to drag the cursor slightly.


Thanks @Olga_Galvanova, that’s right, the Pixel perfect option is the issue here, I’ll take note to fix this ASAP.