Can't change to subdirectories in save/open file dialog

In all the file dialog boxes, I can’t enter existing sub directories.

Steps to reproduce:

Can’t go into a sub directory:

  1. File -> Save As
  2. Aseprite opens a dialog box looking at home directory
  3. Select File type -> All Files
  4. Select directory ‘art’
    Expected behaviour: open directory ‘art’
    Actual behaviour: Aseprite saves files as ‘art.aseprite’.

Can go into a newly created directory

  1. File -> Save As
  2. Aseprite opens a dialog box looking at home directory
  3. Click New Folder button, enter name ‘tempart’
  4. Aseprite changes to ‘newart’ directory. (Success)

Can’t use native dialog box

  1. Edit -> Preferences -> Experimental -> Check Use native file dialog
  2. Click Ok, exit Aseprite, restart Aseprite
  3. File -> Open
    Expected: Opens KDE file select dialog box
    Actual: Opens Aseprite file select dialog.

Platform: Arch Linux, KDE
Version: Package mananger says 1.2.9-2, Aseprite says 1.3-dev
Installed from the AUR, which builds the package from source

I don’t think this is a duplicate of Can't browse folders when saving/loading files because the suggested fix of ‘click once then enter’ creates a file with that name, instead of opening the directory.

Can you open folders simply by double clicking? I assume you’re clicking the folder and then the OK button? Because yeah that doesn’t work, and it probably should.

Correct, I can’t open folders by double clicking. All of the following create a file called ‘art.aseprite’ instead of opening the directory ‘art’: double click on directory, single click to select and hit Enter, single click to select and click OK.

Native dialogs are not supported on Linux yet. About the folder handling, I’m not sure if these issues are still in v1.2.10-beta4.