Can't change to subdirectories in save/open file dialog


In all the file dialog boxes, I can’t enter existing sub directories.

Steps to reproduce:

Can’t go into a sub directory:

  1. File -> Save As
  2. Aseprite opens a dialog box looking at home directory
  3. Select File type -> All Files
  4. Select directory ‘art’
    Expected behaviour: open directory ‘art’
    Actual behaviour: Aseprite saves files as ‘art.aseprite’.

Can go into a newly created directory

  1. File -> Save As
  2. Aseprite opens a dialog box looking at home directory
  3. Click New Folder button, enter name ‘tempart’
  4. Aseprite changes to ‘newart’ directory. (Success)

Can’t use native dialog box

  1. Edit -> Preferences -> Experimental -> Check Use native file dialog
  2. Click Ok, exit Aseprite, restart Aseprite
  3. File -> Open
    Expected: Opens KDE file select dialog box
    Actual: Opens Aseprite file select dialog.

Platform: Arch Linux, KDE
Version: Package mananger says 1.2.9-2, Aseprite says 1.3-dev
Installed from the AUR, which builds the package from source

I don’t think this is a duplicate of Can't browse folders when saving/loading files because the suggested fix of ‘click once then enter’ creates a file with that name, instead of opening the directory.


Can you open folders simply by double clicking? I assume you’re clicking the folder and then the OK button? Because yeah that doesn’t work, and it probably should.


Correct, I can’t open folders by double clicking. All of the following create a file called ‘art.aseprite’ instead of opening the directory ‘art’: double click on directory, single click to select and hit Enter, single click to select and click OK.