Can't browse folders when saving/loading files


I first used Aseprite several months ago and had no issues with the software. However, I just reinstalled it and now I can’t open folders while I’m in the save or load windows. I’m stuck viewing my Desktop folder. If I double-click on another folder, nothing happens, and if I single-click and then select “open”, I get an error message that says “file not found”.

I’m on Windows 10 and Aseprite is up to date. Thank you for your help.

Edit: I just saw a new post in the bug reports section, and it seems that double-clicking isn’t working properly with the new version. I’m not sure why I’m getting the “file not found” error when opening folders through single-clicking and selecting “open”, however.


Can't change to subdirectories in save/open file dialog
Double click not working?

Press enter instead until the fix.



The version v1.2.7.1 for Windows (available just right now) contains a fix for this issue.



Fantastic! Thank you.

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