Canvas dimension templates/presets for new sprite/file

Hello, would it be possible to add a template feature?

I would love the ability to create a number of canvas dimension sizes that I could choose from when I create a new file, ie: 96x96, 214x120, 240x135, etc.

I am working on an animated video project, and I use a variety of canvas sizes. It has become rather time consuming to reference a word document and type in my dimensions each time.

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This is exactly what I would like as well.

Right now when I create new file, Aseprite suggests some semi-random dimensions and almost every time I have to manually correct how big canvas I want. Since all the icons have the same size, it can become quite irritating at times.

If there would be some quick buttons (maybe 3 or 4) or drop down menu I could select most commonly used dimensions (that I could define) then that would help a lot. Thanks.

The semi-random dimensions you’re seeing are probably caused by the fact that the default dimensions for a new sprite will be the dimensions of the image data in your clipboard, if there is any.

You could use this to your advantage by doing a quick ctrl+a ctrl+c before making your new sprite, so it will match dimensions of the sprite you were working on.

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That seems to work. Thanks mate! :smile:

Hi petrorixels, I was testing how to create scripts and I thought that I could create one for your needs! :smiley:

So here you are! Scripts are super powerful! :smiley: :smiley:

You can download the script here, and learn how to install scripts here.

I hope it helps! :smiley: