Changing pixel aspect ratio in a script


How could I create a sprite and change his pixel aspect ratio?

Thanks… ^^

Welcome @NataliaPC, you can change the pixel aspect ratio from Sprite > Properties. I hope it helps!

I believe they were asking how to do this via script.

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Oh sorry, that’s not possible at the moment :sob:

oh! :frowning:
There is a possibility that it will be available in a near future?

I’m taking note about this note, maybe for v1.2.26 :pray:


Thanks! meanwhile I don’t know if open an alert advicing to change the pixel aspect ratio manually for the screen modes that need it.

I will release this import extension soon… :slight_smile:

Available now in v1.2.26 as Sprite.pixelRatio = Size(1, 1)


Great! Thanks! :smiley:

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