Checkerboard background size

Hello, I usually work with 1 pixel ink but the checkerboard background also has a minimum of 1x1. This makes the alternation of colors in the background a bit dizzy. Is it possible to make the checkerboard background have squares smaller than 1x1? Attached an idea of ​​what I mean.


Thank you.

Version: Steam v.1.2.24-x64
Platform: Windows

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I think an option to make the background checkerboard pattern not scale with the zoom would solve this issue. Looks like this exists, neat!

Another relevant request to this: Custom transparency background

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Thanks! I was reviewing the scale issue and came up with the solution. Apparently there is a bug that is related to the new render engine. In case someone else wants something similar, here are the steps I followed:

  1. Go to Edit> Preferences> Experimental.
  2. Uncheck “New render engine for sprite editor”.
  3. In the same window go to “Background” and uncheck “Apply Zoom”.

The original thread is this: Background checkerboard didnt apply its static zoom


On the other hand, the diagonal pattern is also a good idea. Hopefully it can be reviewed in the future.