Color change when .gif export

Hi there !
I’m quite new when it’s about art and pixel art, bought Aseprite 3 weeks ago.

Was wondering ; I’m working on this guys (Doomfist of Overwatch, if that ring a bel for you) and I have this weird color change in the gif, making it very odd.
How can I avoid it ?

Thanks for all the fish, and have a good day !

To me, it looks as though you used too many colors. GIFs can only contain about 256 colors, I think, even if they’re similar colors.
Did you use a gradient in the background? Non-dithered gradients create a lot of extra colors, even if it’s just a fade from one color into another.

It seems that you’re right. I’ll try to get better at dithering then!
Thanks for your answer, have a great day !

Hi @Alpha_314, as @SheepShape said that’s right, this is related to the high-number of colors. You will be safe using less than 256 colors. After that Aseprite can handle some special cases (GIF files can introduce 256 new colors on each frame), but if the sprite contains more than 256 new colors on each frame, things will start looking a little weird.